Sunday, 23 April 2017

Prevent Tonsillectomy with Homeopathy

Our tonsils play an important role in defending our body against harmful pathogens that seek entry via the throat. However, there are times when even the watch guards of our body are too overwhelmed to deal with the onslaught of the invaders. In extreme cases, this leads to tonsillitis, a condition characterized by painful swelling of the tonsils.

Surgical removal of the tonsils, known as tonsillectomy, continues to be one of the most popular treatments of this condition. Considering that the tonsils are an integral part of the body’s immune system, wouldn’t a less drastic measure be preferable in treating tonsillitis?

Treating tonsillitis without surgery

The best way to speed up recovery when affected by tonsillitis is to focus on strengthening the entire body. This kick-starts the natural immune system of the body, so that it heals itself. Homeopathy offers exactly this therapy. The principle underlying homeopathic remedies is that the body is fully capable of healing itself when the immune system is functioning in its prime.

In fact, homeopathy makes it possible for the tonsils to rejuvenate themselves enough, to protect the body against the invasion of the infection-causing pathogens, the cuprits. Better yet, homeopathic remedies aim to cure without having to resort to drastic measures. If you are in search of a remedy to help fix a case of acute tonsillitis, homeopathy offers a safe solution.

Selecting the right homeopathic remedy

Homeopathy is an advanced science that propagates the inside-out approach. This means that treatment begins with specifying the underlying root cause, not in suppressing the outward symptoms. For this reason, selecting the right homeopathic remedy is an art.

Different individuals respond differently to the same remedies, and prescriptions are usually based on individual disposition, unique symptoms, and underlying cause. A qualified homeopathic practitioner understands the importance of selecting medication according to the individual treated, not just the pathological condition faced.

In fact, opting for treatment the homeopathic way would involve making lifestyle changes as well. Homeopathy, in conjunction with healthy living, guarantees success. This is in line with the fundamental value of this practice – strengthening the immune system to defend the body without the help of harmful drugs.

Some of the most popular homeopathic remedies used to treat tonsillitis are Arsenic Album, Baryta Carb, Belladonna, Hepar Sulphur, and Merc Sol. Arsenic Album is useful when tonsillitis is accompanied by feelings of restlessness and excessive thirst. Baryta Carb is helpful in treating recurring tonsillitis. Belladonna is handy in reducing extreme redness during acute tonsillitis. Hepar Sulphur is often prescribed when tonsil infection is accompanied by suppuration.

It is worth noting that homeopathic remedies have a high success rate in treating tonsillitis. However, it is even more important to remember that the success of homeopathic remedies is dependent on the expertise of a qualified practitioner.

Consulting an experienced homeopath in your area could make all the difference between a painful surgical treatment and the painless natural healing – the way our bodies are meant to heal.

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Homeopathy for Kidney Stones

Our kidneys are vital in filtering out as urine the waste products in our body. However, like any other cleaning mechanism, they are prone to malfunction if they are not maintained well themselves. Urinary salts in the kidneys may lead to a mineral deposition in the form of crystal aggregations. These solid concretions are known as kidney stones, which can be excruciatingly painful.

Risk factors for kidney stones

Of all the urinary tract diseases, kidney stones are the most frequent. Several factors increase a person’s risk for developing this condition. Some of these are dehydration, inadequate fluid consumption, reduced urinary volume, high protein diet, obesity, and family history. Understanding the risk factors is important in order to prevent successfully this very painful condition.

Size and severity of pain

Kidney stones can vary drastically in size – from the size of a golf ball to a grain of sand. It is the size and position of the stone in the urinary tract that determines the location and severity of pain experienced. The degree of obstruction caused, the presence of any infection, as well as any accompanying urethral spasms all have a direct impact on the degree of pain. In many cases, kidney stones are asymptomatic. The obstruction of urinary flow is the eventual precursor to acute symptoms.

How does homeopathy help?

Over the years, homeopathic remedies have proved to be very effective in the treatment of kidney stones. It is even possible to avoid surgical intervention with the help of homeopathic medicines. However, this is wholly dependent on the number, location in the urinary tract, as well as the size of kidney stones.

Some of the most popular homeopathic medicines used are Urtica Urens, Pareira Brava, Calcaria Carb, Benzoic Acid, Lycopodium Clavatum, and Hydrangea Arborescens. Although safe largely, homeopathic remedies are most effective when taken on the advice of an experienced practitioner.

Another important point to note is that in cases where there is acute retention of urine, emergency surgical process may be warranted as the first step. Even in such cases, homeopathy can still play an important role in the management of kidney stones. Kidney stones have a high 70–80 percent probability of recurrence. It is imperative that alternative steps be taken to reduce these risks.

Homeopathic remedies are built on the solid foundation of promoting overall health and wellness. The understanding is that patient-specific susceptibilities and underlying causes need to be addressed first. Once a patient’s condition is correctly assessed, the immune system is capable of naturally protecting the body against such ailments.

For this reason, lifestyle changes are an important factor in the management of kidney stone complaints. A homeopath prescribes appropriate medication only after completely understanding the individual’s lifestyle and natural predispositions. Dietary changes and lifestyle management are an essential part of the prescription that ensures healing the natural way.

You would do well to contact a reputed homeopathic practitioner in your area to treat effectively your kidney stones.

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Managing Diabetes : How Homeopathy Can Help

An increase in blood glucose levels is an unmistakable feature of Diabetes Mellitus, also known as Type 2 diabetes or adult onset diabetes. It is caused by the inability of the pancreas to produce the hormone ‘insulin’, or that of the body cells to respond correctly to the insulin produced. It is important to understand that insulin is a vital hormone that helps monitoring the metabolism of sugar in the human body.

Basic symptoms of diabetes mellitus include excessive thirst, urination and weight loss, along with uncharacteristic lack of energy. These symptoms are often not very noticeable, which facilitates diabetes to remain undetected for several years.

Risk factors associated with Type 2 diabetes

A sedentary lifestyle, genetic factors, hypertension, pregnancy, and cardiovascular diseases, besides race and gender can increase a person’s vulnerability to diabetes. It is worth noting that diabetes mellitus is strongly associated with growing age and obesity. A stressful lifestyle or a crisis can further add to an increased level of blood sugar. This metabolic disorder is prevalent worldwide. 

Without proper management, diabetes can lead to serious consequences. Some common complaints related to this disease are kidney damage, numbness in feet and hands, damage to eyes, skin ulcers, chronic constipation, extreme weakness, and poor memory.

How can homeopathy help diabetic patients?

The foundation of homeopathy is the understanding that a disorder is an affliction of the entire body. For this reason, homeopathic remedies are focused on strengthening the natural immune system; it helps boost innate vital forces that stimulate the human body to heal itself.

With specific reference to diabetes management, homeopathic remedies are prescribed according to patient-specific symptoms to promote palliative care. A qualified homeopath will go a step further and advise dietary changes and regular exercise. This is because homeopathic remedies function as a support system and work best in conjunction with healthy lifestyle habits that strengthen the body naturally.

Common homeopathic remedies

As mentioned above, homeopaths prescribe remedies for diabetes according to an individual patient’s unique symptoms and underlying causes. Here are some of the most popular remedies:
  1. Uranium nitrate: Uranium nitrate is very helpful in cases where the patient experiences among other symptoms an enormous appetite, and yet gradually wastes away.
  2. Byronia: Byronia deals with symptoms of languor, moroseness, persistent bitter taste in the mouth, and lack of hunger and thirst.
  3. Phosphoric acid: Phosphoric acid takes care of diabetes mellitus caused by high anxiety and is especially useful during the early stages of this illness.
  4. Phosphorus: Phosphorus helps control weak vision, a symptom commonly associated with diabetes.
Homeopathic remedies should never be taken as over-the-counter medication, especially in the case of a disease such as diabetes in its chronic condition. You would do well to contact a qualified and much experienced homeopath in your area to help you manage diabetes effectively, in conjunction with your current treatment. You can be sure that you would experience soon a radical improvement in your overall wellbeing.

Monday, 23 January 2017

How Homeopathy Helps you Manage Stress

Stress has become a ubiquitous part of the 21st century lifestyle. It is certainly normal, and even necessary in certain situations for you to be stressed-out; however, if you are overwhelmingly stressed, you are very likely to suffer diverse adverse effects on your physical and psychological health.

Some of these symptoms include difficulty in sleeping, gastrointestinal disturbances, body ache, irritability, social withdrawal, loneliness, unexplained sadness, and forgetfulness. Stress, if not managed properly, can be very dangerous, leading to your undoing.

How homeopathy helps you manage stress

Unlike conventional prescriptions such as sedatives, homeopathic remedies do not suppress but work to stimulate the natural repair system of your body; the focus is on fixing the root of the issue. It is certainly not magic, but it does offer results that are close to miraculous. This is because a person’s innate ability to cope is strengthened. The distressing symptoms of stress are minimized, while resilience is built. Regardless to say, the results are usually permanent.

Homeopathy recognizes that the causes for stress are diverse and vary from one individual to another, because no two people are the same. Likewise, its remedies are prescribed according to requirements of the unique physical and psychological constitution of the individual being treated. However, here are some of the remedies commonly prescribed for anger, grief, Type A personality, and burnout from overwork: 

1) Anger: Nux Vomica and Staphysgaria
2) Grief: Natrum Mur and Ignatia
3) Type A personality: Tarentula and Argentum Nitricum
4) Burnout: Kali phos

It is always best to seek out a much experienced and reputed homeopath, who can recommend a suitable remedy; you can rest assured that it is based on both the visible symptoms, as well as the invisible psychological and physiological profile of the individual being treated.

Other natural remedies to control stress

While stress has become a difficult condition to escape, here are some simple habits that anyone can follow to enhance happiness and contentment in life.

  1. Healthy lifestyle: This includes a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, plenty of water, regular exercise, and adequate sleep. Junk food may give temporary relief from your strains; but the downside is that it can actually cause great harm in the longer run. Exercise boosts endorphins and increases resilience. Adequate sleep routine is another important factor that can ensure top-notch overall health.
  2. Reduce caffeine and sugar: Both caffeine and sugar trigger a burst of energy. However, regular consumption of either increases dependence and lowers natural levels of energy.
  3. Avoid alcohol, drugs and smoking: Alcohol, drugs, and smoking may appear to soothe a person, but they actually make it difficult for a person to draw upon natural energy reserves of the body.
  4. Take time out to relax: Whether you enjoy yoga, meditation, long walks, or reading, it is very important for you to take time out to relax and get rejuvenated.

One of the health facts today is that it is impossible to banish stress from your life. However, it is indeed possible for you to manage this condition with the suggestions given above.

Monday, 26 December 2016

Managing Acne with Homeopathy

Acne is a dermatological condition that we are all familiar with. We have experienced its distressing symptoms ourselves, or we know someone who has. It is no wonder then that acne is among the most prevalent skin conditions today in not only the USA but also worldwide.

Why treat acne?

Most of us do recognize and accept that acne is not a life-threatening illness. In fact, it is very common to explain away acne as being perfectly ‘natural’ and ‘harmless’.  While it is certainly true that a bad bout of acne will not damage your overall health, it is still necessary to understand that this seemingly innocuous skin condition can have serious repercussions if allowed to run its full course.

The most visible effects of untreated acne are ugly permanent scars. The unseen effects of acne, and perhaps the more damaging ones, are low self-esteem, depression, dwindling social life, and a lowered self-confidence. These adverse effects are most evident in teenagers, many of whom admit to even suicidal thoughts because of its negative impact on their lives.

Who does acne affect and why?

Changing hormones during puberty is one major reason why many teenagers suffer acne. However, acne is not limited to the teen years. Adult acne is nearly as problematic as its teenage version, especially for women.

Menstrual cycle, pregnancy, on-or-off oral contraceptive regimen and greasy makeup contribute largely to adult acne in women. Other causes for acne, in both men and women, include genetics, bacteria-infected pores, oily skin, and pollution.

Why is homeopathy safer to treat acne?

Homeopathy does not promise any quick fixes. However, using homeopathy to treat your acne is a proven way to ensure clear skin for years to come. It is holistic and focuses on treating the underlying cause using natural means. This is crucial because it is better sometimes to control rather than eliminate the underlying cause. For example, oily skin is bad as it causes acne; but it is good in respect of preventing premature aging.

Popular homeopathic remedies for acne include Pulsatilla, Natrum Mur, Nux Vomica, Silica, and Lachesis. Of these remedies, Pulsatilla is quite effective in treating acne caused by junk food or menstrual irregularities; Natrum Mur safely treats acne caused by oily skin; Nux Vomica is for acne due to gastric troubles; Silica is effective for cystic acne; Lachesis is most often used to treat acne rosacea during menopause.

Homeopathic remedies and side effects

There are no side effects associated with homeopathy if a trusted and experienced homeopath gives you the right prescription in the right dose. However, like any dietary supplement, improper manufacturing procedures can pose a risk. Most homeopathic remedies initially aggravate symptoms before scaling to full recovery.

If acne torments you often, you would do well to consult with a reputed homeopathy practitioner in your area; you can rest assured that the customized treatment given will perfectly match your symptoms and guarantee you clear skin for a long time.

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Strengthen Your Immune System the Natural Way

A strong immune system is an absolute necessity for you to enjoy a truly satisfying life. An unhealthy lifestyle combined with exposure to pollution, GMO produce, drugs, and stressors makes you susceptible to a number of ailments.

Furthermore, a lowered immunity weakens your ability to recover from an illness. For these reasons, it is far more desirable to strengthen your immune system and safeguard good health than to rely on treatments that promise recovery from bad health.

Effectiveness of natural remedies

Natural remedies are not only the safest way to good health, but also the least expensive ones.  Unlike conventional methods that focus solely on treatment of established symptoms, natural methods assist the body to fight off harmful invaders on its own.

With a healthy body strong enough to protect itself, the chances of a recurring illness are fewer. This is truly the only path to long-term health and happiness.

Easy-to-follow natural remedies

Easy-to-follow natural remedies such as the following combined with lifestyle changes can help counteract side effects of many conventional medications. Most importantly, they reduce the likelihood of ever contracting an illness in the first place. 

  1. Drink water: Drinking water throughout the day flushes out toxins and wards off headaches. Add a squeeze of lemon to a glass of warm water and it is an elixir, potent enough to expel harmful bacteria and viruses.
  2. Reject caffeine: Your morning coffee may be working against you by dehydrating your body and robbing it of necessary nutrients. If coffee is a ‘must’, make sure to counter each cup with two glasses of water.
  3. Eat healthy: A diet rich in raw fruit and vegetable, with plenty of protein from other healthy foods, keeps your body healthy without stressing the liver. Moreover, it strengthens your mind, body and the immune system.
  4. Exercise regularly: Regular exercise is quite necessary for everyone; it is even more necessary if you spend most of your day indoors, breathing filtered air and germs from other people. It stimulates the lymphatic system to flush out toxins and give your immune system the boost it needs.
  5. Avoid refined sugar: Eliminating refined sugar by itself can improve the body’s defense mechanisms, body mass index, and energy levels.

Healing with homeopathy

The term homeopathy was coined from Greek words that meant ‘similar suffering’; the system is based on the therapeutic principle of ‘like cures like’. This is similar to allergy treatments and vaccinations – using a disease-causing treatment to kill a disease – i.e., using a thorn to remove a thorn.

However, homeopathic medicines are far safer, as they are most patient-specific and individualized. The remedies do not override the body’s natural wisdom, but stimulate the immune system in tandem with the health requirements of the body. This is important because over stimulation of the immune system can result in autoimmune illnesses such as lupus erythematosus, rheumatoid arthritis, and celiac disease.

When the immune system function is in top gear, it automatically fights invading pathogens, and calms down the body at the same time to ensure necessary natural healing. Homeopathic remedies are especially effective when prescribed to match a unique pattern of symptoms.

The easy-to-follow natural remedies listed above combined with homeopathic prescription have multiple benefits – from preventing the onset of symptoms to speeding up recovery at a later stage.

While it’s safe to rely on self-help books for minor conditions, the key to a successful homeopathic treatment lies in the personalized advice and expert care of an experienced homeopath.

Sunday, 30 October 2016

Reversing ADHD Symptoms with Homeopathy

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) are two psychiatric conditions diagnosed in sweeping proportions. In 2004, a survey confirmed that up to 28 million children received prescriptions to control ADHD. The number increased to 39 million by the year 2008.

Perhaps what is even more frightening is that a study covered by The Washington Post stated that there were no long-term differences between the children who received medication and those who didn’t.

Understanding ADD/ADHD

According to studies, hyperactivity and attention deficit disorders have a genetic component that aggravates the conditions within certain environments. Symptoms of ADD and ADHD are overactiveness, inattention, aggression, impulsiveness, frequent disruptive behavior, and poor learning.


Most conventional doctors prescribe Ritalin to control ADHD symptoms. This methylphenidate has become so popular that it is known as ‘vitamin R’.  Unfortunately, this medicine works by stimulating the nerve cells and is potentially toxic.

Some of its side effects include loss of appetite, dramatic height reduction, abdominal discomfort, dizziness, headache, anxiety, troubled sleep and high blood pressure. Not surprisingly, an increasing number of parents are on the lookout for safer alternatives.

Homeopathy and ADHD

Unlike its conventional counterpart, homeopathic treatment is derived from nature and is free of alarming side effects. Each child is unique and therefore treated accordingly. ADD and ADHD are viewed as a set of symptoms, and not as illnesses that define the child.

Typically, a homeopathic consultation takes anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes; the doctor takes that long to comprehend the child’s pattern of thinking, in addition to understanding the symptoms.

The most popular homeopathic remedies for attention deficit and hyperactivity disorders are: Stramonium, which is most helpful for children with PTSD symptoms; Hyoscyamus niger, an effective treatment for children with sexualized or manic symptoms; Cina, an impressive solution for physical aggression.


When deciding to opt for a homeopathic treatment, it is important to remember that ADHD can hardly be compared to the common cold or flu, which can be treated through self-medication. ADD and ADHD are chronic conditions that are best treated as per the advice of a highly trained and experienced homeopathy practitioner.

What you can do

The first thing to do when attempting to curb ADHD symptoms is to detoxify. Artificial sweeteners, sugar, caffeine, MSG, GMO foods and allergenic foods such as milk and wheat must be eliminated from the regimen. Focus should be on proper nutrition with the inclusion of natural and organic foods as part of regular diet.

Another difficult but necessary step to help your child recover naturally is to set firm rules such as regular bed time and limited  ‘screen’ time – television, computer, or i-phone. Encourage constructive entertainment such as reading and participation in active games. Passive entertainment inhibits focus and eventually produces adults with limited attention.

If you are an adult with attention deficit difficulties, don’t lose hope. There is a rising population that can assert the effectiveness of homeopathy in reversing symptoms of ADHD/ADD at all ages.