Wednesday, 24 April 2019

Homeopathic Medications and Pregnancy - Part 1

Although pregnancy is a natural phenomenon, it does cause physiological, mental and emotional stress and this takes a toll on the body, mind and spirit. For years women have searched for ways to help them deal with the stress that pregnancy brings so that their joy in bringing forth a new life is undiluted. Since it is such a natural occurrence, the idea of taking medications to deal with the problems associated with it, does not make sense –why use artificial means (laboratory developed medicines) to help in managing a natural occurrence? 

The natural reactions and responses of the body, to the changes that pregnancy brings,could be suppressed and this may have serious short and long term consequences, for both mother and child.However, the fact does remain that modern life and living conditions, while comfortable, often do not encourage the ideal health that enables women to go through pregnancy with minimal  discomfort and stress. There is a safe, natural alternative to traditional medicine that has proven itself over hundreds of years and which is now gaining increasing acceptance as being the best way to deal with the problems associated with pregnancy.

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An effective and safe alternative

Homeopathy is the ideal way to deal with the problems of pregnancy. Using homeopathic medications during pregnancy is completely safe (as long as they are prescribed by a homeopathic doctor) because it works by using minute quantities of naturally occurring substances to stimulate the metabolism and enhances the inherent abilities of the body to heal, recoup and recover from the stress due to pregnancy. Besides being very effective, homeopathic medications do not cause unwanted side effects or cause medicine related dependencies. Homeopathic medicines have been proven to be safe and effective in treating pregnancy related ailments like morning sickness, digestive problems, headaches, nausea, muscle pain and so on besides other specific issues which will vary from woman to woman.

Why homeopathy

The advantages of homeopathy include:
  • The potency of the medicine can be tailored to suit the specific needs of each person.
  • They may be taken in either liquid or tablet form, depending on the individual preference. This is especially important during pregnancy when consuming anything that is not palatable can cause severe nausea.
  • There are no side effectsfrom homeopathic medicines.
  • If required, they can be combined with conventional medications.
  • Homeopathy does not suppress the symptoms of the problem; instead, it strengthens the ability of the body to deal with it.
  • Medications are prescribed to treat specific conditions because of which they are more focused and effective.
  • Homeopathic medication taken during pregnancy will not harm the unborn child. In fact, it will be beneficial because the improved health of the mother will reflect on the wellbeing of the child.

Finding the right homeopathic medicines

Although homeopathic medicines are safe, they should be taken only as advised by a qualified homeopathic doctor to ensure that the right medication, in the right dosage is taken which will ensure that the best results are achieved. That being said, the second part of this blog will look at common homeopathic medicines and what they are used for.

Saturday, 23 March 2019

Homeopathy Works Quickly

Although homeopathy has been an accepted system of medicine for 200 years, there are some myths about it that refuse to go away. Perhaps the foremost of these is that homeopathy is a very slow system of medicine and that achieving relief for a disease, let alone curing it, takes a long time. This is completely wrong.

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The desire for a quick recovery from sickness is universal. No one wants to suffer the weakness, discomfort and pain that illness causes. It is this hurry to find a cure, be it a simple common medical condition or a complex and serious one, and the misconception about homeopathy, that keeps more people away from using it for a quick and complete cure for their medical problems.

Waiting makes it worse

One of the reasons for the spread of this myth is that people often turn to homeopathy only after traditional medicines have failed them and when the condition becomes chronic. Chronic conditions will take longer to be treated than if they were caught in the early stages. This holds true for any form of medicine. Had the patients used homeopathy in the first instance, the results would have been quick, if not faster, than that provided by conventional medicine. It is when a patient first tries other options and then comes to homeopathy for a cure, does the incorrect and skewed timeframe of both the treatments combined together for recovery, emerges.

Treating the cause

Homeopathy does not simply provide relief from the symptoms of sickness – it works to cure it completely. Conventional medicine may give instant relief as soon as a pill is taken, but the problem is usually only suppressed and not cured. Also, in the cases of some chronic conditions like diabetes or Parkinson’s disease,homeopathy eradicates the condition completely so that taking medicine is not a permanent part of life. Conventional treatment may provide instant relief, but medication has to be taken for the rest of the patient’s life.

Treating the whole person

The fact that homeopathy takes a holistic approach to medicine and works to treat the whole person and not just cure a specific disease, is well known. Another misconception that arises from this is that, homeopathy works slowly. By treating all the factors that contribute to sickness, homeopathy, in fact, is able to cure quickly without any lingering after-effects.

Find the right doctor

If youare suffering from a medical condition, which is a recent development or one that has troubled you for years, homeopathy should be your first treatment option. Two centuries of success, in treating all kinds of sickness and disease, all over the world, are reasons enough to try homeopathy.Another common misconception is that because homeopathic medications are safe and side effect free, all one has to do is Google the symptoms and then search for the right medication. There are often different homeopathic medications for the same type of condition. Each homeopathic medication has a specific purpose and using the wrong one may result in a slower cure or may not even cure at all. Only a qualified homeopathic doctor will be able to make an accurate diagnosis of the condition and then prescribe the homeopathic medication that will produce the best results.

Saturday, 23 February 2019

Homeopathic Treatment of Hypertension

Stress is an integral part of modern life. While most of us think that we are able to deal with it without much of a problem, the fact is that we are rarely as successful as we think we are. One of the most common physical conditions that stress results in, is hypertension or, as it is more commonly known, high blood pressure. Hypertension has other causes too, including an unhealthy diet and/or lifestyle. Whatever be the cause, this is a condition that, if not controlled, can lead to a number of cardiovascular diseases. These could, in the worst case scenario, be fatal. The symptoms of hypertension are varied and are often unnoticed or dismissed as being nothing but a niggle that will pass off. The longer the condition is ignored, the greater the risk.

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Traditional treatment

The traditional way of treating hypertension is by:

       ·    Lifestyle changes to remove unhealthy habits

       ·    Diet modifications

       ·    Medication

The first 2 steps are always good and will result in an overall improvement in health. However, they are not enough to treat the condition effectively, which is why medications have to be used. The problem here is that the effectiveness of the medicine is open to question and the results can be misleading. Prescription drugs to control blood pressure work to reduce the symptoms. That is, they bring the pressure down when blood pressure is checked. However, while the pressure may be down, the underlying cause of the problem is not being fully dealt with. This means that the medications have to be used for a very long time during which they can cause serious side effects or result in other medical conditions being created. Long term dependency on prescription medications is never a good thing. That is why homeopathic treatment of hypertension is growing in popularity.

The homeopathic option

Homeopathy does not limit itself to finding a quick fix by suppressing the symptoms of a medical condition. Instead, it not only treats the cause so that the symptoms reduce and disappear but also deals with the source of the problem. This is done by using natural substances that the body accepts easily. These substances work to mimic, in a very mild form, the cause of the condition and by doing so, stimulate the body’s own defenses to naturally fight off the causes of the high blood pressure. The results are lasting and side effect free. Also, contrary to popular myth, homeopathy is not slow acting.  It provides quick relief and is tangible.

There are a number of homeopathic medications for hypertension. What is prescribed will depend on the cause of the condition and the nature and severity of the symptoms. These medications include:

       ·  Belladonna
       ·  Nux Vomica
       ·  Glonine

       · Natrum Mur

Homeopathic medicines may be safe and side effects free, but that does not mean that self-medication is the right way to proceed. It is important that hypertension is examined and diagnosed by a qualified homeopathic doctor who will then be able to prescribe the medication which will provide the quickest and most lasting relief. Homeopathy is not a fad or a system of home remedies. It is a form of medication and treatment that has been in existence, in its modern form, for over a century and is used by millions of people across the globe.

Wednesday, 23 January 2019

TreatingTooth Pain with Homeopathy

The hardest substance in the human body is the tooth enamel. That being the case, the teeth should be immune from damage and wear and tear. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Teeth are also subject to a great deal of use (and misuse!). Some species of sharks can run through 30,000 teeth in a lifetime. Humans are not so lucky and have 32 adult teeth where no natural replacement is available if they become worn out or damaged. This is not a problem limited to just a few people–almost 100% of the adult population of the planet suffers from dental cavities. The figure, globally, for school going children is between 60 to 90%. Severe gum diseases affects almost 20% of the human race and 20 to 40% of children suffer from dental trauma due to injuries and accidents. These figures exist despite the great strides that have been made in dental care and technology over the years.

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Pain and more pain

The first sign of a dental problem is usually pain. This can range from a mere irritating pain to a severe one such that a person is unable to function normally.  Anyone who has suffered from a toothache knows how debilitating it could be to bring normal life to a standstill. The usual reaction for a tooth pain is to reach forpainkillers and antibiotics. These may be able to control the pain and reduce any inflammation, but the effects are short-lived. The best they can do is to reduce the pain until a dentist can be consulted. The dentist will typically prescribe a filling, a root canal procedure, extraction of the tooth or its replacement with an implant and other similar solutions.  Suffering from terrible pain, the patient will be in no condition to question the dentist about other possibilities and would go with what is advised, in the hope that the pain would  subside soon.

A gentler but very effective alternative

Homeopathy takes a holistic approach to any medical problem. A homeopathic doctor will study the patient’s medical history and do a detailed examination to understand the underlying cause of the problem. Once the cause is identified, the doctor will prescribe medication that, in a very mild and harmless form, mimics what is causing the problem. This will stimulate the body to fight against the cause of the problem and by overcoming it, cure itself.This does not mean that homeopathy is a slow process and the pain will have to be endured for a long time. Homeopathic medicines are fast acting and can provide relief from pain in a very short time. While doing this, homeopathy also works to resolve the underlying cause of the pain so that the treatment can be complete and the patient can return to the prior condition of dental health that existed before the pain started.

In some cases,traditional dental procedures like root canals and extractions may be required, but before opting for these, consulting a homeopathic doctor makes a great deal of sense. Why risk the side effects of strong medication and living with fillings and implants when homeopathy offers both pain relief and the possibility of avoiding these unpleasant dental procedures?

Monday, 24 December 2018

Treating Indigestion With Homeopathy

The holiday season is when people tend to indulge at the table and one of the most common consequences of this is indigestion. An occasional bout of festivity related indigestion is not good, but it is also nothing to worry about. On the other hand, chronic indigestion, which can be exacerbated during the holidays, is serious and needs to be treated as such. If indigestion is a semi or completely permanent factor in a person’s life, it could lead to all kinds of medical complicationsif left untreated. From heartburn to ulcers and more, chronic indigestion can have a negative impact on the quality of life.

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Traditional treatment

Traditional methods of treating indigestion involve both the use of medication as well as diet control. Diet control is always a difficult issue – those with indigestion may have to give up some foods that are harmless, to those without dietary issues. Medications vary in nature from over-the-counter antacids to strong prescription drugs. The problem here is that both work only to suppress the symptoms of indigestion and do not focus on curing the cause. Suppressing the symptoms can lead to a false sense of wellbeing which can cause patients to think they have recovered while in fact, the conditions continue to deteriorate.

Homeopathic treatment

The basis of homoeopathy, which has been proven across the world to be highly effective, is that the body has hidden resources that will enable it to cure itself of illness and disease. All it needs is the right stimulation to enable it to begin the healing process. That is what homeopathy does – it uses minute doses of what causes the problem, under very controlled conditions, to enable the body to react and build up the strength to fight off the actual medical condition itself. It sounds simple but there is a great deal of very sophisticated research that has gone into developing this form of medicine. The training and rigorous standards that homeopathic doctors must undergo and adhere to, is as rigorous and rigid as that of traditional medicine.

Homeopathy offers a range of medications to treat different causes of indigestion. A few of the most common ones are:
  • Aconite: For flatulence and nausea
  • Bryonia: For sore and tender stomachs
  • Cinchona: For bloated and distended abdomens
  • Dioscorea: For severe colic and some types of diarrhea
  • Ipecac: For continuous nausea and vomiting
  • Nux Vomica: For colic and retching
  • Phosphorus: For burning abdominal pain
  • Podophyllum: For cramps and cramping pain
  • Veratrum Album: For violent cramps, vomiting and diarrhea
There are many more and these are mentioned only to provide examples of how wide the range of homeopathic medications are and how there is one for each type of indigestion. As with any form of medicine, self-treatment can be unsafe, and it is always better to consult a doctor to be given a course of treatment.

If you suffer from chronic indigestion or other digestive disorders, homeopathy offers a safe and very effective way to deal with the problem and not just suppress the symptoms. Consult a homeopathic doctor who will assess your condition and the causes of the problem and then prescribe a course of homeopathic medication that will provide you with a lasting remedy and will enable you to once again enjoy the pleasures that good food has to offer.

Friday, 23 November 2018

Homeopathic Treatment of Chronic Pain

Chronic pain can have many causes right from genetic or inherited issues to lifestyle conditions and mental or emotional stress. It is a condition that affects millions of Americans and the number is growing each year. Because it restricts a patient’s movements and activities, one is tempted to consume either over the counter or prescription pain management medications, to suppress the pain and allow normal life activities to continue. While this may appear to be a silver bullet for sufferers of chronic pain, there are dangerous side effects that should not be ignored. Firstly, the pain is only suppressed and not cured. This means that consuming these medications can become a permanent part of life which often leads to dependency and even addiction. Secondly, pain is a sign which indicates that something is wrong with the body and needs to be cured. By suppressing it, the natural limitations on movement that the pain causes are removed, and there is a danger of the root cause of the pain becoming even more serious. It is for this reason that an increasing number of people are now turning to homeopathy for not just pain relief but also to cure the medical issue that causes the pain.

Why homeopathy

One of the main reasons why some people are still hesitant about using homeopathy, is the misconception they have about this highly effective form of medicine. The facts are:
      ·  Homeopathy is a scientific and proven form of medicine that has been in use across the world for well over a hundred years.

     ·   It is finding growing acceptance even among those who previously believed only in traditional medicine.
      ·   Homeopathy can work either as a standalone form of medical treatment or it may be used in conjunction with traditional medicine.
     ·  It is safe for patients of all ages, from infants to those in their 90s and beyond.
·        Homeopathic medicines work by causing the body to become active in healing itself rather than using artificial drugs to suppress the symptoms.

     ·  It is a highly individualized form of treatment with a large number of different medicines available to treat all kinds of medical conditions. A homeopathic doctor will perform a complete examination of a patient using the latest techniques and equipment, to understand the specific metabolic system and condition of each patient so that the most effective medicine can be prescribed to ensure quick and complete results to cure the problem and provide lasting pain relief.

     · All physical parameters are taken into account, even if they do not appear to directly impact the pain condition. This ensures that the treatment provided is the most complete and holistic one possible.

Real pain relief

As already stated, the aim of homeopathy is to cure chronic pain, and not to simply suppress it. Those suffering from pain issues should consult a qualified homeopathic doctor to be sure of getting the treatment that will be most effective for their specific problem so that they can get cured and return to a pain-free and active life.

Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Homeopathic Treatment of Anemia

Hemoglobin is the chemical in the blood that carries oxygen to all parts of the body. It is that which gives the red blood cells (RBCs) their red color. When the amount of hemoglobin in the blood drops to below normal levels, a medical condition called anemia occurs. Due to this condition, energy levels and stamina drop and shortness of breath occurs, as the metabolism does  not receive enough oxygen. The heartbeat becomes faster than normal when any form of exercise is undertaken. People with anemia usually have pale washed out complexions.

The causes:

Anemia can be caused by a variety of factors. These include trauma, blood loss due to an injury, menstrual  bleeding or a blood borne disease that prevents the bone marrow from producing adequate quantities of RBCs. It may also occur due to a deficiency of one or more essential chemicals in the body, drug addiction and bacterial infections. Anemia caused by chemical deficiency is the most common form because of inadequate amounts of Vitamins B12, B9, B6, C and E. Other sources of anemia are  iron deficiency, hyperthyroidism, lead toxicity, excessive alcohol consumption and infectious diseases.

Homeopathic treatment:

Homeopathy is known to be a very effective form of treatment for all types of anemia. It  works on the principle of “like cures like.” This means that it uses a small diluted amount of whatever has caused the problem, either by not being present in the body or present in too small a quantity, to stimulate the metabolism and produce what is needed, to bring about an equilibrium in the system. This is not only effective, but also safe because prescription drugs which may cause adverse side effects and drug dependencies are not ingested.  The body thus finds its own cure for the ailment.


There are a number of homeopathic medicines that treat anemia – the type and cause of the condition will decide the right medication.  The most common medicines used are:
           ·   Pulsatilla which is usually given to treat anemia in women caused due to menstrual bleeding, blood loss after childbirth and other such conditions.

           ·   Phosphorus which is a highly effective medicine for exhaustion, weakness, lack of energy and lassitude due to anemia.

           ·   Cinchona, in cases where the anemia is caused  by blood loss due to injury.

           ·   Nit-Acid which is effective for almost all forms of anemia and is often given to patients who have a craving to eat  chalk, paper, soil or other indigestible substances, the consumption of which serves to worsen the health condition of the patient.

           ·   Natrum Mur , when anemia is caused not by physical issues but because of mental or emotional stress , that has an adverse effect on the functioning of the metabolic system.

Consult A Homeopathic Doctor

As with any form of medicine, taking the right medication for a specific condition is critical to recovery. That is why even though homeopathic medicines are safe, it is unwise to self-medicate oneself with them. Consulting a qualified homeopathic doctor will ensure that you are given the right medicine and the right dosage, to enable a rapid and complete cure for anemia or other medical conditions, you may be suffering from.